At Spa al Mare we are a group of individuals who are passionate about natural therapeutic solutions for ourselves and our clients. Inspired by the healing properties of the ocean, we provide a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The Spa offers luxurious all natural products, customized treatments and intuitive services to create exquisite healing treatments.


        Graziella Gasparri

I have dedicated my life to discovery and self-improvement. After graduating in Italy as a Doctor in Math and Science, I needed to Know the World. I traveled the Orient moved to America, opened a restaurant in Key West in 1981, and relocated to New York City in 1987 where I created a fashion line of chain-mail clothing worn by many performers (Cher, Whitney Huston….)Drawn to a more spiritual path I graduated in NYC as Massage Therapist, embraced the teachings of Yogi Amrit Desai and become a yoga teacher. After over 20 years as massage therapist at the Casa Marina Resort I am delighted to have created Spa al Mare’. A center for relaxation, rejuvenation, education and self-improvement for the guest of the Waldorf Astoria Resorts as well as the Key West locals.


Daniela Braswell 

Spa al Mare’ is so much more than a place of work for me; it is an outlet for the exchange of ideas and information on topics I feel most passionate about. Sharing my insight on ways to lead a healthier lifestyle goes hand in hand with the spa’s philosophy on the use of toxic-free and nature-derived products for everyday use. My intention is for clients to leave not only distressed and feeling rejuvenated, but that they also take along some inspiration for the quest toward a happier and healthier planet.



Monika Richter

Monika's initial dream (growing up in Germany) was to become a Socialworker. However, soon after graduation her passion for adventure and travel brought her to the U. S. where she embarked upon a career in Real Estate. After many years of embracing Architecture, Interior Design and the Arts it was time for a change. She decided to go back to school and earn an Associate's Degree in Medical Skincare which led to a new direction and career opportunity as a Spa Director at the prestigious Casa Marina. Loving nature and a tropical environment she is now living her dream and making a positive difference in the well-being and life's of our guests.