YOUNG LIVING essential oils are nature's pure and unaltered living energy. Their high concentration and the ability to act on both the body and the mind is what makes them truly unique among natural therapeutic substances. We offer an extensive collection of essential oils and blends that can instantly take you on a sensory journey to enliven, balance, or soothe both body and mind.

Ask us about the Raindrop Technique, the Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit Balance and the Personalized Aromatherapy Consultation.





Aromatherapy Massage

The essential oil of your choice will be applied "neat" (undiluted) on your vitaflex points (feet and spine) then infused with organic coconut oil for a personalized massage tailored to your individual needs.

50 minutes $170
80 minutes $225

Aromatherapy Body Polish and Back Massage

Deeply cleansing and hydrating, this exfoliation combines the essential oils of your choice with sea salt and coconut oil for a therapeutic skin conditioning treatment. The session ends with a back massage.

45 minutes $150

Aromatherapy Escape

A combination of salt glow and massage treatments, transporting the power of scent to its deepest reach. Feel completely renewed on all levels, from polished radiant skin, to a sense of wholeness through relaxation of the muscles to deep into the psyche where moods, memories and emotions dwell.

80 minute $220

Custom Blend Body Oils Available for Purchase

Consult with our aromatherapy specialist to create your own personalized blend of organic Jojoba oil and YOUNG LIVING essential oils. The price will vary depending on the essential oil of your choice.