Transform any massage into an “Ocean Breeze Indulgence” by booking your session at the beach cabanas. Add $10 to the price of each massage.


Lighter massage strokes to relax, ease stress, and restore well being.

25 minutes $80
50 minutes $150
80 minutes $200

Deep Tissue

A deeper massage incorporating neuromuscular and myofacial techniques. Excellent after a workout.

25 minutes $85
50 minutes $170
80 minutes $210


Intended to address problematic areas of tension.

25 minute $85
50 minute $170
80 minute $210


Ancient technique that focuses on the feet. Enhanced by an invigorating foot scrub, it will ease tired feet, relieve stress, and stimulate muscles and organs.

25 minute $80
(does not include foot scrub)
50 minute $150

Couple's Massage

Choose any type of massage and have it side by side for an intimate experience with your loved one.

25 minute $160
50 minute $300
80 minute $400

Pre-Natal Massage

Nurturing for the mother-to-be, with the use of specialized positioning, this massage insures the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

25 minute $85
50 minute $170

Massage Enhancements

Enhancements are additions to a massage treatment - not offered separately.

Hot Lava Shell

These beautiful Tiger Striped Clam Shells have been combined with porcelain and function as a powerful heated massage tool for a “Hot Stone” massage effect.

$30 extra

Foot Massage / Reflexology

This balancing treatment is enhanced by applying essential oil-infused hot towels to the feet.

20 minute $50

Head & Scalp Massage

Relaxing the scalp with the use of essential oils and choice of Jojoba oil hair conditioning.

20 minute $50

CBD Oil & Salve Therapy

A deeply calming, balancing and therapeutic addition to any massage.

$30 extra